Chronicle of The Lan Yang

1966 - The Italian Father Gian Carlo Michelini founded "The Lan Yang Dancers" in Yilan, located in the north-eastern corner of Taiwan.

1974 - Under the toil of Father Michelini, the difficulty in the international diplomacy was overcome. The Lan Yang Dancers is the first R.O.C. dance troupe ever gave performance in Italy and was received by Pope Paul cae in Vatican.

1975- Second Europe tour and was received by Pope Paul cae again.

1977- Third international tour to Latin America with exceptional difficulty. The Lan Yang Dancers was also the first arts group from Taiwan ever visited Latin America.

1979- Fourth international tour, second Latin America tour.

1983- Fifth international tour to Europe and was received by Pope Paul.

1984- Performance was given at the oldest theater in Tokyo, public response was sensational. Seventh international tour to give a hundred performances in Europe and was received by the Pope again.

1986- Invite to give over a hundred performances in Europe. "The Lan Yang Dancers" has enchanted the European audience and was received by the Pope.

1987-Represented R.O.C. to participate in the celebration activities of the bicentenary of the USA constitution Day and received great applause from the US audience.

1989- Participation in the 3TH World Folk Dance Competition in Spain, and received the Most Popular Dance Troupe Award.

1991- Participation in the 5TH World Folk Dance Competition in Spain, ranked the third among the 56 troupes from 31 countries.

1992- Participation in the Olympic Arts Festival in Barcelona, the first Taiwan dance troupe even invited to join such an international occasion.

1993- Performance of I'Enfant et les sortileges (Maurice Ravel) with Taipei Sinfonietta & Philharmonic Orchestra at the National Opera House.

1994- Tour to Hong Kong and Europe for a month, won praises from local critics for its rich cultural dispositions and delicate and multiple dancing styles.

1996- Cooperation on organizing Yilan, the international Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival. The Government of Yilan country decided to have this activity 1997 every year, because of the great success since 1996.

1997- Participation in the "Yilan, 1997 the international Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival. Accept the invitation to Brazil by Vatican to participate the 2nd annual World Meeting of the Holy Father with Families.

1998- Invited to Japan to participate the 1ST C.I.O.F.F. Asian Children Festival. To participate "Puebla 1998 the III International Folklore festival" in Mexico. To the kingdom of Swaziland to participate the 30TH National Day with the Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Rep. Of China, Taiwan. At the same time we look this good chance to visit the near by African countries, Republic of Malawi to give the performance for all the Chinese over there.

1999 - Performance "Lanyang Ballet Night: Let the Dreams Fly" directed by the professor Galina Rytchagova Shvedova from Russia. Debut of the dance drama "Princess Kavalan" in Yilan. Started the performance tour of "Flying butterflies in the campus"around schools.

2000- Invited by Vatican and performed in the celebration for year Millennium "Preying for Peace", hosted by the Pope. During the Chinese New Year Days, 5 more performances of "Princess Kavalan" were made. Invited teachers from the famous drumming band in Hsi-an, China to teach for 2 months and had 2 performances in Luodong and Taipei in the summer. Performance of "Lanyang Classical Ballet Night", directed by the Russian teacher Chirkevitch Alla Zakharovna.

2001- Participated in the 8th International Dance Festival for Youth held in Macaw. Performed in the 2nd Asian Youth Day. Went to Japan for the 4th participation in the culture festival. Started the performance tour "Flying butterflies in the campus" around schools.

2002 - Three performances for the new creation of "the Flower Listener". Series of performance in celebration for opening of the National Center for Traditional Art. Performance tour in China. Performance of "Princess Kavalan" in Chung-li.

2003 - Invited to perform in Executive Yuan on New Year Day. Series of performance for the Green Exhibition in Yilan. Guests invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs came to Lanyang and watched the performance. Performed in "Local Culture Festival in the Presidential House:Yilan, homeland of water". Series of performance in the event "Folkgame Fun for Kids" in Yilan. Series of performance for "2003 Luodong Festival Fringe" in August. Series of performance in the art tour festival held by the Council for Cultural Affairs. Invited by the Foundation of the First Bank and performed in the night dance party "Cherishing our Kids".

2004- Participated in the art series "Spring Prayer" held by the National Center for Traditional Art around Chinese New Year holidays. Performance in the Green Exhibition in Yilan. Performance of "Princess Kavalan" in Hualien. "Night of Drumming" in July. "Lanyang Classical Ballet Night" in August. Invited to perform in the "Taiwanese Culture Festival" took place in Vancouver, Canada in early September. Debut of "Legend of the Island" in Yilan Performing Acts Center in early October.

2005- Participated in the “Happy New Year in Yilan”, “Green Exhibition in Yilan”, and “Yilan, 2005 the International Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival”. Also performance for “2005 Luodong Festival Fringe” and “Yuanshan Lantern Festival”. Performance of "Princess Kavalan" in Keelung Nantou Yunlin and Chiayi City.